Current balance of the debt and the situation.

I’m a Mob.

I arranged my present income and the balance of my debt.

The balance of the debt is roughly 750,000 yen.


Main business: 290,000 yen/5 days/week, 8 hours/day

Secondary work: 40,000 yen/1 day/week, 8 hours/day

Residual income: 285,000 yen (a rough estimate)

Type of employment: Contract employees

I spend most of my day doing things that I don’t want to do, and I make money by selling time off. Are there many people of the same type?


Rent: 45,000 yen

Repayment: 30,000 yen

Food: 45,000 yen

Utilities: 5,000 yen

Water: 1,500 yen

Communication fee: 9,000 yen

Entertainment expenses: 10,000 yen

Miscellaneous expenses: 10,000 yen

Total: 155,500 yen

Disposable income
129,500 yen

“Can’t you cut your food expenses more?”

“Isn’t you spending too much money on dating expenses despite your debts?”

“You can cut down on communication costs, can’t you?”

… and there’s a lot of point to point out. I’d like to move to a place where the rent is cheaper, but I’m not sure if it’s a good deal or a bad deal considering the period to collect the moving fee.

Pay off debts ⇒ save money ⇒ withdraw, improve skills and work without being hired

I want to decide the side work as soon as possible.

My personal information is exposed on the Internet.

Isn’t that my name?

My name is Mobuo.

Do you know a website called map of bankrupt people? It became a topic of conversation around March 2019, but it was shut down due to administrative guidance.

What was written was a web service that linked the personal information in the Official Gazette with Google Maps and displayed the name and address on the map.

I also did personal regeneration, so it was exposed on this site. One day, I was doing ego-search,

“Oh, my name is a hit…?”

The gazette information was released.

At the time, I didn’t realize that it was a database of bankrupt maps, but around the end of 2018, I started to see pages listing names and addresses, and I learned the cause early next year.

Birth of imitation sites

The Internet version of the official gazette states that “Personal Information Protection Policy” but since it is published on the Internet, it is easy to gather information and create a database.

The map of the bankrupt has been shut down, but a copycat has appeared and a similar site has been created as of November 2019.

from the point of view of being exposed,


That’s what I think…

In case of imitation sites, personal information can be easily downloaded.

Download ⇒ Create a database ⇒

・We don’t know when and where information will be leaked.

.Negatively impacting employment or changing jobs.

Be available as customer data for unscrupulous business.

… and so on.

I received a direct mail from a judicial scrivener and a loan shark in a long time, and I thought, “Could there be another copycat site?” so I did an ego-search, and I was in a sad situation that it was just as I expected.

No one will help us.

When my name was on the map of the bankrupt, I realized

“No One’s gonna help us…”

That’s it. I know it’s my fault, but…

“Mr. Google! Isn’t it a violation of the Personal Information Protection Act? Please remove this site from the search results!”

Google said “It won’t be erased. And even if it’s deleted from the search results, it doesn’t mean that the site itself disappears. Why don’t you talk to the manager directly?”


“Lawyer! Personal information published in the official gazette is being exposed on this site! Can’t you do something about it?”

The lawyer “I’m sorry. I’m not an expert on Internet legal issues. Can you try something else?”


“National Printing Bureau! There is a lot of information on the official gazette on the internet. Isn’t this a violation of the copyright law? Isn’t there any countermeasure?”

National Printing Bureau “We don’t have a copyright on the official gazette because it just contains the information submitted by the court. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

・・ orz ・・・

It was like this.

When I applied for the “rehabilitation for individuals with small-scale debts”, I was told “No problem, no one looks at the official gazette.” but I think many people search their names on the internet without looking at the official gazette.

Start over in an unknown place

A copycat site was created, which made me think, “Oh, again…” and at the same time, I want to take this opportunity to go abroad.

I have an aversion to the Japanese way of working, the pressure of social harmony and the high level of taxes.

“Do I really want to endure working in japan until retirement?”

This idea, combined with the stress of personal names being exposed on the Web, led to the idea of fleeing overseas.

I have never lived abroad. So it’s possible that living abroad will be harder, but of course, I think it’s necessary to live abroad in order to judge if living in Japan is more comfortable.

I keep changing jobs, and I don’t have a major career. I thought I could die if I pay back the debt, but on the contrary, I can say that I have nothing to lose, so I think I will do my best to transfer the foundation of my life abroad in the next year.

I want to make a site where people who are similar to me happen to see it and get a little more energy.